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A program to help with the development of coaches and players off the field.

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We all know the success of any sports program lies directly with their approach to the fundamentals. We can get as creative as we want with schemes but if we don't execute the fundamentals on game day we won't stand a very good chance at being successful. The problem with this is that we often limit ourselves to just thinking about the fundamentals on the field. What about the fundamentals of every day life?

Nearly all coaches desire to prepare their players for life but what steps are we taking to accomplish this?

Our Win Your Way curiculum is the creation of Thad Wells. This was started three seasons ago out of the desire to help players prepare for life, the same season the team won its first state championship in nearly 30 years. It all started with the belief that students aren't being taught important life lessons during their grade school years. So Thad started the program by asking the question, "What can we teach our players that will help them reach their potential in life, no matter what their calling will be?"

This question has created an incredible desire in Thad to discover how we can better prepare adolescents for life. Part of this desire has lead him to read dozens of books about all areas of life, including over 100 books since the beginning of 2017. His process is to read books about all the important areas of life, take detailed notes, and then turn the notes into consolidated pieces of information. Thad then takes time during the week to teach this information to his players.

Thad knows most coaches don't have the time to create all of this but he also knows how valuable this can be for your players so he has decided to make all of this available to coaches across the country. This program will give you everything you need to share valuable life lessons with your players. And don't think this information is just for players.

By signing up you will get access to everything Thad shares with his teams. This information is usually presented in a PowerPoint or video format. Along with the material, you will also get detailed information on how to present this to your players.

Your Instructor

Thad Wells
Thad Wells

Thad Wells is currently the head coach at Mooresville High School in North Carolina, a position he recently obtained. Prior to coming to Mooresville, Thad was the head coach of Blacksburg High School in Virginia where they won the 2016 state championship.

Thad was selected to the 2018 AFCA 35 Under 35 program. This program recognizes emerging leaders in the profession of football and puts them through an educational experience to help aid them for future success.

Thad is known for his unique mindset, which shows in all areas of the sport. His schemes certainly standout on the field, but even more so does his approach to developing athletes off the field. He contributes this to his reading habit, which involves him waking up every morning at 3:55am in order to get at least two hours of reading in before school.

Thad's family includes his wife Rachel and two sons, Stanton (3) and Hankins (1).

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